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Meenta is creating the first sharing economy in science. Scientists can now instantly find, book and then send samples to host sites for next-generation sequencing.

Your Next-Gen Sequencing Core In the Cloud

Never Wait for a Sequencer

It can be frustrating not knowing when your samples will be sequenced. With Meenta your samples will be ready in 12 days.

Tell us how you want to do your next-gen sequencing project and we will show you live instruments matching your needs.

Select from the full suite Illumnia NGS instruments: MiSeq, HiSeq and NovaSeq.

Skip the e-mails & Quotes

There can be a lot of back and forth by e-mail before you get in the sequencing queue. Getting a final quote for your project may require multiple iterations as well.

With Meenta all pricing is visible on our site and you get complete visibility to the sequencing workflow.

Your Project is Safe

We understand that you may have spent years on collecting your samples.

So, Meenta provides insurance for your samples should they get lost or damaged during shipment to the Host.

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Of course, we also have FAQs

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How it works

Book example

Instantly book your lanes

Choose your instruments and ship your samples. Labels, shipping, and data transfer is handled for you.

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Submission and Delivery Deadlines

Timeline of events that will impact your booking. Learn more

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Do it all from your phone

Monitor your samples and book lanes or accept requests from any device. Download your data from the Meenta Cloud when your data is ready.

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