Meenta's Tips on a COVID Free Wedding

Rebecca Love,  MSN, RN, FIEL

Rebecca Love, MSN, RN, FIEL, Consultant
Posted on May 4th, 2021

By, Rebecca Love, MSN, Kyle Tretina, PhD, and Dan Miller

Wedding Season is about to be upon us! So how do you keep your guests safe in the era of COVID-19?  Good news, unlike a year ago, there are a lot of ways you can help keep your guests safe and have a wonderful and safe wedding.  The first step starts with testing.  Here are Meenta’s tips for a safe wedding for all who are attending.

  1. Rapid Testing: Today, testing has become simpler, faster and cheaper than ever and can be provided to guests either a few days in advance of the wedding, or even on site right before the wedding starts – ensuring a COVID-19 free environment among guests!
    1. Testing prior to the Wedding: Sample collection can happen 3 days before a wedding and  is a great way to keep everyone safe and healthy.Results will process in 48 hours and automatic alerts will be sent to anyone who is positive.
    2. On-Site Rapid Testing: In an amazing accomplishment, rapid on site tests can be administered 30 minutes prior to an event starting so that everyone can be screened easily before stepping into the wedding venue!
  2. Host your Wedding Outside: Studies are showing that COVID-19 spread happens at far less numbers outdoors than indoors – so host your wedding outside with lots of fresh air!
  3. Masks: There are amazing designs that Brides and Grooms are making for guests in masks to help keep people safe – have fun with them and hand them out to those in attendance.  Masks still are an effective means of preventing spread of COVID-19.
  4. Vaccination: We love that in the United States large segments of the adult population are receiving the vaccine!  However, even post vaccination, it is possible to still contract Covid and potentially spread it to others, so it is a great idea to still consider testing prior to a wedding.  We encourage everyone to be vaccinated if they have a chance.
  5. Consider Virtual Attendance Opportunity: For those who are immunocompromised or unvaccinated, consider a way for those to attend virtually.  Zoom has made it so easy for people to join in – or live stream your wedding via your personal Facebook page. Lots of ways to use technology to let everyone be part of your big day!
  6. Research Local Guidelines: Rules are changing daily, so be sure to research the most updated guidelines in the town/state of your venue and inform your guests. Reach out to your planner or the wedding venue host to confirm rules are being followed by all parties.
  7. Work Closely with Planner and Vendors: This last year has been a stressful time, so take advantage of professional guidance and those who have worked in the space to ensure you are following the rules, learn best tips and tricks from them, and ask as many questions as possible or for any advice on any gray areas around your event. 

If you are looking for access to Rapid Covid Tests for your wedding – please check out the Meenta Marketplace – with a host of easy to use, rapid Covid Tests at affordable prices to keep all your loved ones safe for the Big Day! Congratulations!

Rebecca Love,  MSN, RN, FIEL

Rebecca Love, MSN, RN, FIEL

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May 4th, 2021
Rebecca Love, MSN, RN, FIEL Consultant