Your Next-Gen Sequencing Map

NGS Map of the United States

Think of this map as a platform for collaborations. De facto it also happens to be your spring board to finding Illumina NGS instrumentation. Please bookmark this page as the map will evolve daily!

Three key features to keep in mind;

  1. Find instruments through out the US. 
  2. Get alerts for instruments as they become available.
  3. Make recommendations for new instruments or locations.
  4. Add your instruments.

Last, a word of recognition to others who have worked on this topic in the past such as  James Hadfield (Cancer Research, Cambridge, UK) and Nick Loman (University of Birmingham, UK). 

We aim to extend on their efforts and humbly thank them for their contributions to date to the NGS community!

February 27th, 2018

Stephan Smith

Stephan Smith

CTO & Founder

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