Submission and Delivery Deadlines

Timeline of events that will impact your booking.

Order Date

This is the date you placed your order.

Cancellation Period

Within 48 hours of the Order Date, either the User or the Host can cancel for any reason.

Sample Arrival Date

The sample must arrive at the Host two days before the Run Date.

Instrument Run Window

This is the date range in which your samples will start on the instrument.

Data Delivery

Ten days after the Run Date your data is available to download.

Late Fees

Timely delivery of samples by Users reduces the chances that any one late sample could potentially delay another User's run on the same instrument. Similarly, timely delivery of data by Hosts reduces the chance that any given User's projects' deadlines are missed.

Cancelation Policy

An order may be cancelled within the first 48 hours of booking without penalties. After the initial 48 hours, you can cancel up to 3 orders every 6 months. If you cancel more than 3 bookings your account may be de-activated.

Late Data Delivery

A late Data Delivery fee of 10% is applied to the Host when they miss their Data Delivery date; 8-10 days from the Instrument Run Window.

Late Sample Arrival

If a sample arrives late, after the Sample Arrival Date or is submitted less than 2 business days prior to the Instant Booking date, the user will be charged a 10% fee. Why a fee? The Host will need to reschedule your sample and potentially delay another User's samples.

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