Sample Pipeline Dates and Policies

How does meenta manage your sample? Below is a diagram for the timeline of events that will impact your sample.

Pipeline Dates

Here are some dates to think about before you purchase.

  • Order Date - Date you purchased.
  • Delivery Date - This is the date that the sample must arrive at the host.
  • Run Date - This is the date when you sample will start its run on the instrument.
  • Date Delivery Date - This is the date you sample data will be available for download.

Cancelation Policy

In the first 48 hours after a purchase a sample order can be cancelled, with a full refund. After the 48 hour period, a sample will be charged.


Yes, Meenta has penalties.

  • Late Samples - If a sample arrives late, after the ‘Delivery Date’, the user will be charged a 10% fee. Why a fee? The host will need to reschedule your sample in their LIM system.

  • Date Delivery - If the host does not delivery sample date by the ‘Date Delivery’ date, then meenta assesses the host a 10% fee.

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