Book next-generation
sequencers on demand.

Get on the instrument you want when you want.
Never worry about sequencing availability or wait
times again.


Instantly book or reserve

An instant booking is final, but you have 24 hours to cancel. However, the funds on your payment method will be held until you receive your data. A reservation request can be placed for any future date.


Data Quality and Rerun Guarantee

If your samples pass incoming QC at the Host and it is not an instrument failure, we will re-run them at no-charge.


Send your samples

We’ve got shipping covered with our printable barcodes. However, the samples must be shipped within the required timeframe relative to your booking date. We’ll track your samples all the way to data download.


Download your data

Data transfer is on us using a private API key. You will be notified once it is complete. After 30 days the data will be deleted with a quick reminder before we do so.

Book any next-gen sequencer. Any time.


Vetted Hosts. Quality results.


Book what you want, when you want it. No quotes. No waiting.


Your samples are insured for $1 ML should they get lost or damaged. If you are not happy with results we will re-run them at no-charge.