Become a Service Provider

Bring In New Users
With Ease.

Reduce your instrument queue wait times with better
matching of lanes and flowcells to samples.


What do we list for your lab?

We list your institution's name, instrument type, instrument configuration and availability, sample submission criteria, price and data formats available to the user.


Who can be a Host?

Any commercial or academic instrument owner verified by Meenta can become a Host. While anyone can search instruments on our platform, users with validated payment only can request a booking from a Host.


How it works

As a Host, you have the flexibility to configure your instruments for instant booking or upon request. You have the option of making full flow cells or any number of lanes available for booking. Our search engine will match your instruments' run configuration to the Users' sequencing needs.

  • Accepting Samples: Hosts have to comply with the sample submission and delivery deadlines . The dashboard in the app will help you manage the booking and notify both the Host and the User at each step in the process. The samples will arrive in our pre-paid packaging to your facility.
  • Data Delivery: The data transfer is built into the app and happens through a secure cloud based environment. It is free to both the Host and the User for 30 days.
  • Messenger: Hosts can securely communicate with the User directly from within the app. All steps for each booking through data delivery are logged in the app for easy viewing.

Getting Paid

We handle all the billing for you. You will receive an electronic wire or Purchase Order net 30 from the date of the data transfer.

  • Fees for our service: Meenta charges an 8% reservation fee on every booking which is billed monthly.
  • Host pricing: Each Host sets their own pricing.

Quality Users


Sample re-run guarantee

We will re-run samples at no-charge as long as they meet incoming QC criteria.


Sample Quality

High sample quality requirements ensure more successful instrument runs.


Better Utilization

Accept Booking directly to your instrument without operational headaches.