Become a Service Provider

Bring In New Users
With Ease.

Reduce your instrument queue wait times with better
matching of lanes and flowcells to samples.


What do we list for your lab?

Select the instrument from our virtual inventory to represent your facility. Assign specifications to each instrument with your required sample submission criteria. Activate the instrument and assign a run date.


Who can be a Host?

Any commercial or academic instrument owner verified by Meenta can become a Host. While anyone can search the site only Users with a validated payment method can request a booking from a Host.


How it works

As a Host you can make full flow cells or any number of lanes available for booking. Our search engine will match your facilities description along with the instrument run configuration to users on the site. An instant booking will require you to run the samples on the designated dates. Once the booking is complete communicate with the User via our Chat application. The samples will arrive in our pre-paid packaging to your facility.


Sample arrival

  • The basics: Hosts ensure that the User’s samples will run as requested within 2 days of the booking or reservation date.
  • How the User pays: Meenta handles all the billing for you. Guests are charged once the data is of acceptable quality to them.
  • How the Host gets paid: Meenta will pay you with electronic wire or check. Your payment is sent automatically within 48 hours of completion of the project.
  • Fees for our services: Meenta takes an 8% Hosts reservation fee on every booking.
  • What you charge: This is up to you. Meenta does not set your pricing.
  • How data is delivered: Use the Meenta cloud at no-charge to you.

Quality Hosts & Users


Sample re-run guarantee

We will re-run samples at no-charge as long as they meet incoming QC criteria.


Sample Quality

High sample quality requirements ensure more successful instrument runs.


Better Utilization

Lane level instant booking allows you to run full flow cells sooner & focus on other operational issues.

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