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The Host Quality Number

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The Host Quality Number (HQN) is a comprehensive Core rating system intended to provide a universal score against which all users on Meenta gain trust in sending samples to any Host on the platform. We combine metrics from the Host from both their behaviors and the data they produce into one single number.


How Does the Score
Evaluate Cores?

The methodology for calculating the HQN included a composite score of 7 distinct metrics. This included four data quality metrics, three double weighted behavioral metics for a Total score out of 10. Data scores include measures such as aggregate Q scores, and the likelihood that projects with a given Host will provide a high level of reads passing filter (80%). Behavioral Characteristics include factors that are more within the Host's control, such as turnaround time, likelihood of meeting or exceeding the number of reads promised, and the customer rating.

Data Quality

4 points of the HQN Score

  1. + 1 Meenta Connectivity on Host's Website
  2. + 1 Reads promised meet 80% of Illumina specs
  3. + 1 Meenta Metrics or Host provides 80% of reads padding filter
  4. + 1 Meenta Metrics or Host provides 90% of reads > Q30


6 points of the HQN Score

  1. + 2 Turnaround time at/faster then promised
  2. + 2 Meenta Metics/host Provide Meeting or Exceeding the number of reads promised
  3. + 2 Customer Satisfation

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