Submission and Delivery Deadlines

Timeline of events that will impact your booking.

  1. Search and Compare

    Our bot matches your exact libraries to the first available sequencer with a full run.

  2. 2 Days

  3. Order Date

    Date you purchased your sample lanes.

  4. 2 Days

  5. Sample Arrival Date

    The sample must arrive at the Host two days before the Run Date.

  6. 2 Days

  7. Instrument Run Window

    This is the date when your sample will start and is run on the instrument.

  8. 2 Days

  9. 8 Days

  10. Data Delivery

    Ten days after the run date your data is available to download.

Late Submission

Users' timely sample delivery prevents any run delays and allows other samples schedule for the same run to be completed on time. Similarly, host's timely data delivery allows users to complete their projects within deadlines. Users will be charged 1% fee if their sample arrives late, or if it is submitted in less than 2 business days prior to the Instant Booking start date. Why a fee? The Host will have to reschedule your sample and potentially delay another User's samples.

Cancelation Policy

Both User and Host can cancel an order within the first 48 hours of booking without penalties. If you cancel the order after the initial 48 hours, you will then be allowed to cancel only 3 orders every 6 months. If you cancel more than 3 bookings, your account might be deactivated.

Late Data Delivery

Hosts will be charged 1% fee if they miss their data delivery date, which is usually 8-10 days from the Instrument Run Window.